You have 7 seconds to capture the attention of your audience (worst than a goldfish!) and that means you need to have an incredibly awesome headline! Headlines for your blog are going to be the determining factor on someone reading your blog, so make the headline portion useful! Your headline needs to be specific enough that your reader understands what they will learn, but also unclear enough so that they have to click in order to know now. 

So how do you come up with a crazy awesome headline?

Let’s face it, I can even suck at headlines! And if you’re not feeling confident that you can create an awesome headline that will get your audience to read your amazing blog post, then what does one do?

Behold, the blog topic generators!

YES! There are things called blog generators that will help inspire you to create a catchy headline on any given topic that you want to write about! All you have to do is write in one to three words that you want to write about and then it’ll come up with several blog topics headlines for you. You can even use these blog topic generators as inspiration for your blog post topics as well as your blog headlines. 

Generators are a good tool to use when you’re stuck and don’t know what to say or what to write about in your blog post (feeling stuck? Read this article to never have to worry about coming up with a new idea ever!).

But if you’re needing to add some pa-jazz to your content headlines, then these generators are not a bad idea for you to look into. It might even give you a brand new idea or a different way to write your blog post.

For example, I was on Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator and I discovered a quiz I could make (I’ve been wanting to make a quiz!). So it even gave me inspiration to create something new and then put it out there by using my blog and social media to promote it! 

Always run your headline through the CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer though! Make sure you’re rocking your headlines to capture attention and draw your potential clients to read your content.

Here are Free blog topics generators to use:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Impact’s Blogabout Generator

Linkbait Generator 

SEO Processor Blog Title Generator 

FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator

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