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Add Irrestistible Bonuses to Your Offer for More Yes!

Add irresistible bonuses that your high-ticket clients will love and drool over. That’s how you make your high-ticket offer sexy and irresistible to your ideal clients.

But what are the bonuses that you could add to your offer that will speak to your audience and free up the time you want?

Last week, you learned how to identify your brilliance and even structure it so you know how long your offer is for and how many sessions you’ll include in it.

Add Irresistible Bonuses for Extra Value

Now it’s time to add irresistible bonuses to help your clients feel like they are getting the most out of the money they are about to invest in you.

As a quick reminder, this is part two of a series called Create and Sell Your High-Ticket Offer, that will take you on a journey to creating a high-ticketed offer that you can literally start selling immediately.

In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn the nine different bonuses you can add to your offer that are sexy, irresistible, and compatible with your main offering.

Feel free to download the workbook below and get a head start with working on your high-ticket offer now and get ahead of the series.

Be Disruptive

Here’s the deal: your offer is going to sound like everyone else’s offer unless you decide to make it different.

This is called being disruptive. Creating a bonus that is so disruptive and creative, that your audience will LOVE it because they know you’re offering a one-of-a-kind offering to them.

And that makes them feel special.

Although the bonus ideas below may not feel “disruptive” to you, it will certainly create a feeling of “I’m getting my money worth out of this coach!” and a sense that you have their back the entire time they are working with you.

Fun Disruptor: One of my clients offers a pity party session for her clients; they get so many pity party sessions with her so if they are feeling down or blue, they can have a pity party with her.

Even though it’s super simple, she put a cool name to it, and now it’s a disruptor! Be creative with your bonuses and add a cool name to make it feel very disruptive!

An Irresistible Bonus: VIP Days

VIP days are where you spend a half-day (three hours) or the whole day (six hours) with your client working in an area specific to help them gain a massive transformation.

For example, one of my clients and I worked on a course she can offer to new authors so we spent the entire time crafting, outlining, pricing, and marketing her course. 

Another example is inside my six-month program, I offer one 3-hour VIP day. In my twelve-month program, I offer two 6-hour VIP days. The more you pay, the more you get from me. 

And a VIP Day can be sold separately. If somebody wants to work with you, but they don’t need or want the coaching part, then you can sell the VIP day for $2500-$5,000. 

Online Courses

If you have created an online course that is highly valuable (and helps add to your client transformation), add that as a bonus.

You can even create an online course + coaching calls offer so that people have to go through your course and then you coach them to customize the course specifically for them.

When my clients join to work with me, I put them into one of two courses I have, depending on their specific needs and goals.

Voice or Video Apps

There are apps that your client can download to talk to you if they need to ask a quick question. The popular ones are Marco Polo and Voxer.

This is providing more access to you without you physically having to be there or scheduling another call or session with your client. 

More Irresistible Bonuses: Retreats 

Do you host retreats? What if you offered your retreat for free to your new clients as a bonus?

Retreats are, once again, more access to you without you having to give away your time all at once.

And it’s great for your new client because they get to spend time with you by getting away and getting to know the people you surround yourself with!

Other Programs You Offer

Do you currently have another offer or program? Maybe a membership or a subscription for those who don’t want to pay your full price?

Include it as a bonus.

I have a program called Write with Monica, where we spend 90 minutes, two times a week, writing in our books, blogs, marketing, or anything else. It’s a membership that people can enroll in for a small price every month.

I give all of my client’s access to Write with Monica; whether they take me up on it or not is a different story.

Additional Services

Provide your clients with additional services from you that you give away for free. Or if it’s a smaller service you provide, make it a bonus.

When clients sign up to work with me, they get editing services. If they wrote a blog or marketing content, they can send it to me via email and I’ll give them my feedback.

One client uses Marco Polo to communicate with me and that is how she picks my brain.

Add Monthly Check-ins as Bonuses 

What if you scheduled time with all your clients every month where they tell you, “Here are my wins, and here’s where I’m struggling.” 

Check-ins make irresistible bonuses! You can provide them with coaching, almost like a group program. But it’s just once a month for your private clients to come on and chat with you.

This monthly call with your clients would also give you a good indicator of where your clients are and what they’re struggling with to apply that to your next coaching call.

And it doesn’t require scheduling a call with each one of your clients. It’s handling them all at once inside the monthly check-in that is an addition to their private calls.

Quarterly Check-in

If you are offering 6- or 12-month offers, then create a quarterly check-in where every quarter, you help them plan out their next quarter. 

It’s just like the monthly check-ins, but it’s a group call with all your clients to plan out their next 90 days.

Once again, it’ll help you and them! It’ll help them have a goal for the next 90 days and it’ll help you know what their goals are and in their private calls, you can be of higher service to them by speaking to their goals.

Office Hours

Host office hours every other week where you are online at a certain time for 30 minutes. Whoever shows up gets more time with you to coach them.

Another way to do it is to have a Facebook Group for your private clients and ask them to submit their questions to you before you go Live (which is your Office Hour) in which you’ll answer their questions during the live session.

You can easily apply this to a Zoom office hour if you like.

Your Bonuses Make Your High-Ticket Offer Irresistible

If you like these ideas, but are not sure how many irresistible bonuses to add, start off with two bonuses and go from there.

I wouldn’t suggest that you offer more than 3-4 bonuses because it’ll start to devalue your offer and give away more of your time – time that you’re trying to create more freedom around.

If you need an example, my bonuses for my programs are VIP days, getting into a Write with Monica Membership, being enrolled in one of my online courses, and editing services. 

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