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Build a Six-Figure Business: 3 Things You Must Do

Do you want to build a Six-Figure Business?

Many of us (myself included) want to have a Six-Figure business because that means we’ll have more freedom with time, travel, and money in our business and personal lives.

I know that is what it means for me. 

It also means I can hire more help to grow my business, thus growing my reach, my exposure, and creating more transformation in other people’s lives (namely female entrepreneurs).

While I’m still working on getting to six figures, I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to get there and I believe sharing this clarity with you will help you get to six-figures with me (or before me)!

To Expand Your Business, You Need Something to Sell

You’re probably thinking, “You’re kidding me right, Monica? Of course, I’ll need something to sell in order to make money!”

Although it may be the simplest concept, it’s still the first step to creating a life you want at that six-figure level.

For example, I recently talked to a lovely individual who’s into spirituality and meditating, using scents to calm people and help them relax into their lives. 

She found that people were coming to her, and requesting her services and she was providing them free of charge. It then hit her that she has something to sell!

When people are naturally asking you about your expertise or brilliance, it means you have something to sell and I would advise putting it into a package. 

Build a Six-Figure Business by Offering Packages

Think of the people who are your ideal clients: make them a high-end offer by putting your brilliance into a package.

If you’re offering one-off sessions to people for a small charge, I want you to STOP that right now!

Here’s the deal: You cannot serve that person in the long term by doing a one-off session. 

I don’t offer one-off sessions because I know my time and their time is better used if we decide to work together on a longer-term basis; my minimum is a six-hour package with me one on one. 

If you want to grow a six-figure business, you cannot serve people by doing one-time sessions. You have to offer packages where people will get more of you (your time) for more of a price so they can experience the BEST transformation in their life. 

This creates more cash flow and you have client retention for far longer than you would with just one-time sessions. This also means less work. 

If you need help with this, let me know. 

Payment Methods to Grow Your Business

You need to have a way to accept payment.

I know it sounds so simple, but you need to have a way to accept payment so you can get paid and have a new client to help transform their life!

The payment method I like using is Square. I feel that Square is more professional than Paypal.

However, Paypal is a close second, and many of my clients have paid me through Paypal.

There are many different payment methods out there as well as additional tools that will help you grow your business. Just choose the option that works best for you. Of course, it also must be secure for you and your clients.  

Simple and Yet Not So Easy

Let’s do a quick recap! You’ll need three things to build a six-figure business:

  1. have something to sell,
  2. package it in such a way to make it sexy and appealing to your audience
  3. have a form of payment. 

Are you wondering, “How do I create a high-end package?” or “What price point should I put on my packages?” Then let’s chat.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going over how to create a high-end offer that is going to be appealing and mouth-watering for your clients. That way, you can live a life you love and get to your goal faster!

If need help with turning your content into clients, let’s chat as well. If you crave traction, I got ideas on how to get traction now in your business. Do it, and you can hit the new year (or any time of the year) running!

It’s time that you grow the business you want and make the money you want. Work with clients who you adore and who adore you, and live a life you love. Build your six-figure business as you’re transforming the world one client at a time.