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How to Price Your Offer with Ease: High Ticket Offers

Do you feel unsure of how to price your offer? How much is too much or too little?

How do you know if your clients will even pay that much?

Pricing is probably every entrepreneur’s least favorite thing to figure out, yet it’s one of the most sought after topics because pricing can feel hard!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking all about how to create and sell a high-ticket offer, and today, I want to focus on how to price your offer that feels good for you and future clients.

If you’re new to the idea of having a high-ticket offer, then I would encourage you to read part 1 in this series, How to Create and Sell a High-Ticket Offer, and then download the free workbook to help you navigate through the process of creating an offer and then knowing how to sell it with confidence!

In last week’s blog (part 2), I covered how to add irresistible bonuses to attract more clients and to wow them with all the specialties your offer to help them feel that they are getting the most from your package.

Ready to learn how to price your high-ticket offer so you can begin selling pronto? Let’s get into it.

But First… Before You Price Your Offer

I want to say this before we get into this topic because I feel it’s important to say:

No matter what you charge, it will NEVER be what you’re truly worth.

What I am truly worth is close to $100,000. This includes my skills, knowledge, every hour and minute I have put into my business and skill, and money I have invested in myself to help my clients achieve their goals.

Is anyone going to pay that? Probably not.

Once you recognize that your skillset and brilliance cannot be defined by numbers, you can look at what people are willing to pay you to achieve their next goal and dream.

Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to price your offer now. 

The Cost of Transformation

Your high-end offer price point is going to determine how much transformation your client will gain out of working with you and what is it worth to them.

If they want a partner that will love and cherish them through life, that is irreplaceable and priceless.

But what is the price point they are willing to pay? That is the ultimate question.

One thing I want you to know is that the higher the price point, the more transformation they will get. 

For me, my clients want more clients, more money, and freedom to live lives they love by hiring a VA, traveling more, and creating ease in their business.

So how much are they willing to spend to create that?

Using my example, we have to start with how much money they want to make during their time working with me. If they can double their money goals while working with me, it’s totally worth it and my price point for my offer makes sense.

Using the earlier example from above, if finding a partner is priceless, then signing up to work with you should be a no-brainer.

You want to get into people’s transformation and the cost behind that transformation.

When they start to say out loud what the transformation will be and what they will achieve from that, then your package will be a no-brainer and will make more sense to them.

The Cost of NOT Working with You

There’s a cost to NOT working with you that your clients are facing right now and if they worked with you, you could change everything for them (think of time, money, energy, and more).

When figuring out how to structure your price point, you’ll have to write out the literal costs of your client’s losses of not working with you.

I know when my clients don’t have a clear message or a high-ticket offer, they are missing out on time, money, freedom, awesome clients, flow, and fun!

If there’s not a “price tag” on some of these, then you need to figure out what it’s costing them mentally (not enough sleep, fatigue, stress), physically (tired, grumpy, moody, gaining weight), spiritually (not connected to God or source), and emotionally (doubt, fear, emotional drainage). 

These all have massive costs and you can help your future clients not be in this space by pricing your high ticket offer in such a way that it’s a no-brainer for them to say yes.

Feeling Confident When You Price Your Offer

There’s no right or wrong answer for how to price your high-ticket offer, but you have to not only feel confident in saying the number, but also feel a little out of your comfort zone. 

I’ll share my story as an example: When I first started to offer packages, I felt good saying that my 3-month program was $1500 ($500/month) or $997 if paid in full (I later changed it to $1200).

Now when it came to my 6-month program, I felt that sense of unease and “Can I really offer this?” My price point was again $500/month or $2500 paid in full.

The more I said it on the phone to potential clients, the more confident I felt. Then my clients started to make more money after working with me and I knew that my packages had massive value.

But I had to say my prices a lot and I had to see with my eyes that my clients were getting results from my coaching before I could go up on my prices.

Since then, I have doubled my price points because I KNOW if my client put in the work that we talk about on each coaching call, they will see results! And those results can very well double or triple by just working with me.

You have to start with a number that is a little scary to say. 

Now don’t think you can offer a $10K program if you do not believe in it. You may have to work your way up to that $10K price point because until you fully believe that your $10K package is worth it, you won’t be able to sell it nor would you be able to offer that high quality of service.

Download the Worksheet to Get Your Perfect Price Point Now

Your next step is to download the How to Create and Sell a High-Ticket Offer that Converts worksheet to work out the perfect price point for your offer!

In that section, you’ll create a high price that feels scary to you, a low price you’ll never go under, and then you’ll see the feel-good spot to start offering your new high-ticket offer.

This doesn’t mean your price point will stay at that point, it just means you’ll have a starting point to go from.

Also, this workbook will help you create your high-ticket offer step-by-step so you can start selling faster and building a life you love!

So what is stopping you? Download the worksheet now and price your offer with ease!!

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