You have done your research and know what you’re going to say to your audience, but how to do put that into a blog post? Aren’t there different types of blog posts? What are they and how do you use them on your blog?

There are many types of blog posts out there that you can write about, such as a How To Post, Resource, Epic Post, Review, Quick Tips, and many more! But today, let’s focus on just five different types of blog posts so you can begin creating content for your new blog pronto!

How to

How To blog posts are one of the most popular type of blog posts you can write. Why? Because everyone wants to know HOW to do something! Many of my blog posts are How To posts. Writing a How To post shows your audience how to do something specific, something they have been dying to know about! Remember, this is why you did all that prep work beforehand so you can know what they want to know about and then write it in a how to post.

Resource Post

Many people want to know what you use behind the scenes to keep your business growing. And many people are wanting to use what you use as well! Resource Posts are just that: posts about resources you use to help you run your business, live life better or help you stay on time. I wrote a blog post about how I use free and paid products to keep my content rolling out and going at all times. Your audience LOVES the behind the scenes and I bet they are looking for products or services you love as well.

*When writing a resource post, include any affiliate links so you’ll get a percentage of the sale if your audience chooses to pay for a service you enjoy using.*


Interviews posts are a win-win for everyone and it’s the best case scenario for all parties included! Interviews do two things for you: it gives you instant content and reputation. When you interview someone that your audience will enjoy learning more about, you are building clout for yourself, clout for the one being interview and authority in your field. Interviews create authority and it gives you the look that you know some big-time people (even if they are still starting out!). It gives the other person visibility and it gives you authority, so it’s a win-win situation!

Here are two different ways I have used interviews in my blog posts: I was writing a series about writing your book and I asked my friend Anastasia if I could interview her. My content came from her responses and that was my blog post. The second way I have used Interviews is when I conducted interviews for my book and turned them into blog posts.

See? Win-win! When people are interviews and blogged about, they will share it on their social media sites and that means you’ll get visibility and recognition as they do too!

Case Study

Case Studies are great when you’re marketing a launch or you’re wanting to prove your service or product is worth the cost. I have done my own case study when I was in the middle of a promotion to showcase that previous clients saw results after working with me. Use case studies to gain before and after imagery and then ask your client to give you testimonials on how you changed their lives and why they would recommend you. 

Case studies are important to show data if you have it. People like to see numbers, so include how your client has now closed 72% more deals or has made $3,500 extra in 60 days.

However, if you don’t have any numbers to show, then showcase the difference of your client’s lives after they worked with you.


Everyone wants to know that they are not alone in their journey or walk in life. Sharing a personal struggle or an “I’ve been there” blog post helps you build a connection with your audience. No one likes talking to some mystic on a mountaintop! Bring it down to being human – share some struggles that you’ve been facing and how you’re managing yourself right now. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to share. 


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