How does a woman work while having a baby? Have you ever wondered that? I mean, is there a secret to this? How does she work while dealing with her sweet child?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because, in today’s post, you’re going behind the scenes where I’ll show you the exact tools I use to not only entertain my child as I work but also remain sane so I can continue to check off my to-do list without losing my cool.

You may want to save this post, especially if you’re a new mom or pregnant boss woman because these things saved my life and probably my business! 

Rocking chair

We had a swing when Anthony was just a baby, but it died on us, but thankfully, I registered for a rocking chair for both infants and toddlers and my dear cousin foresaw my need for it.

When the swing went out, I got out the rocking chair and it has saved me! It has a vibrator on it so it helps put Anthony to sleep and since he’s just an easy baby, he will entertain himself for a while until he gets fussy with boredom or hunger.

Play Pad

Since he’s getting more active, I bring in his play pad into the office to entertain himself on. Of course, he’s Mr. Rollie-Pollie and will roll off the mat 80% of the time. Do I have to keep an extra eye on him? Oh yeah! The rocking chair is so much better at keeping him contained, but he doesn’t always like it now.

The play pad has been great for tummy time as well as entertainment. All his little jungle animals are a huge hit every day and he seems to enjoy himself (as well as kicking at the blue Elephant). 


Bobby Pillow

I have become way more versatile since having a baby and I have mastered the art of nursing my son and working. I can only give thanks to the wonderful creation called the Bobby Pillow.

I used it a lot when Anthony was an infant for nursing, but now I use it for cuddling, propping, and nursing. And I can work and nurse my son, all at the same time!


Anthony has a ton of toys (of course!) but the ones he seems to like the most are his honeycomb ball to work on his grip, a crinkly book with tassels, and a sun that came off his play pad. He likes noisy things and we’re trying to give him more of them so he can play with.

Time Spent with Anthony

Finally, I want to mention that in order to not get sucked into the Facebook vortex and spend quality time with Anthony, I downloaded an app on my phone called Focus. Focus will help you cut down on social media time by setting up timers and blocked times of the day so you can’t get on social media.

I have my weekday mornings blocked and it’ll lock me out of social media after using it for 30 minutes a day. If you get sucked into the social media vortex too easily like I do, then having Focus will put boundaries on how much time you spend on social media so that you can have more time with your family.

This concludes my behind the scenes blog post series I decided to host for this month. I have really enjoyed this series because it’s fun sharing what’s really going on and it gives you a glimpse into my world.

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