I have heard it over and over that in order to succeed, you must read. I know what some of you are thinking, “I don’t have time to read!” I may agree with you because I feel the same way. However, reading is not only important, but it’s vital to your expertise and how you can perceive yourself towards others.

Get a competitive edge. When you read what’s in your field, then you are becoming a better businessman/woman and a better expert. You’re learning from the best to become better. Knowledge is power, right? When you invest into books, you’re educating yourself to get better, wiser, sharper, and more intellect. You’re investing back into yourself, your knowledge, and your expertise. Why wouldn’t you want to be better?

You are Teachable. How many of you have worked with a cocky or arrogant person? Was that experience fun? Probably not. Why? Those people are generally not teachable. What does that mean? It means that you can bang their head against a brick wall and there will still not learn anything. When you read, it tells others that you’re teachable. You have a thirst for knowledge to learn and grow, even when it hurts. It also lets others know you’re humble enough to learn from those who are far more advance in your field.

Arrogant people think they are the best at what they do and therefore will probably not read many books. Hence, they are not teachable. Show others how teachable you are.

Better Writing Skills. When you read, how many new words do you pick up? Do you feel like you have a different flow or feel to your writing afterwards? Just like hanging out with your best friends and picking up on their language, habits, and personality, the same thing will happen when you read a good book whose author has good work in it. Choose to hang around with well-versed authors so that your writing – which may I remind you is your Credibility – can be well versed as well.

It expands your vocabulary. As a speaker, you need to use words that everyone understands while displaying your brilliance on stage. Reading will help increase your vocabulary so that when your next speaking gig comes up, you can shine not only though your dazzling personality, but with eloquent words that will charm even the most cantankerous person there.

I am discussing how important it is to read, but what books should you begin with? While there are thousands of books to choose from, I found a few sites that has books with interesting topics you might find helpful.



Of course, Ted.com is always a great resource to go to watch informative videos on just about any topic.

Happy reading!

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