Have you ever wondered, “How can I get my blog seen and stand out on all the noise?” There are so many new blogs coming out every single day and it’s adding to the noise.

So how does your blog stand out above that noise?

By answering your ideal audience’s burning desire. When you know what your audience’s desire is that it burns so bright in them and then write content in regards to that burning desire, then you will stand above the noise. 

While everyone else is writing generic content, you’re able to grasp your audiences attention by writing to their burning desire and that will increase your lead generation, your traffic, and even your income.

So, what is a burning desire?

Your audiences’ burning desire is the light at the end of their tunnel, it’s something that they have to have like the freedom to be location independent, time away from their business to unplugged and hang out with their family (instead of always looking at their phone, tablet or laptop!), etc.

How do you determine your audience’s burning desire?

By asking them questions that reveal their true dreams and desires.

Many times, people talk about their surface level problems like, “I want to have a thriving business,” “I want to be my own boss,” etc.

But what they are not telling you is their burning desire, the fuel that backs up their wants to have a thriving business. You could say the burning desire is their WHY.

Unfortunately, your solution is rarely ever your client’s real burning desire! It may help bring your client closer to their burning desire, but how do you identify their real burning desire, which is the very thing that drives them to be relentless, immovable when everything is falling apart and determined?

You have to become a child and ask them plenty of “Why?” questions! Like, “Why do you want to have a thriving business?” or “Why do you want to be your own boss?”

Hopefully, they will get down to the level of, “Because I want to travel, I want to bring in an extra set of income, I want to take my family on more vacations, I want to retire my spouse…”

That’s the burning desire! It’s the emotion, the tidal wave of “I got to have this to fulfill my life’s mission and it makes me tear up” reaction! Instead of selling services, you’re selling time, freedom, money, vacations, and more (which is their dream)!

Your job is to help them achieve their burning desire with your blog posts!

In other words, your blog post titles should be answering their pain and their burning desire all at once!

What I have noticed is that my audience wants to build a tribe to become an Influencer in their niche so that they can be location independent, have financial freedom, and be able to travel. My blog post titles should be reflecting that! 

When your blog posts reflect your audiences burning desire (time, freedom, financial freedom, travel, etc.), you’re able to captivate your audience quicker, faster, and easier. You can truly begin to build your tribe easily and been seen as the Influencer in your field. 

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