I have covered everything you need to write your book in the future, from why you should write a book to debunking your writing myths and scheduling time for maximum success. You now have a solid foundation to begin writing your book.

But maybe you need extra support. Maybe you need someone to guide you and to walk you through the process of writing, overcoming fears and giving you that booty kick to get you going with your book. I want to talk to you about my up and coming NEW webinar, The Writer’s Roadmap: Become an Author in 2017! Learn how to write and publish your book in 90 days or less! One of the reasons why I am so excited about this is because I know a few things about you: You want your book out now and you need a roadmap to get there. This webinar was created for you who want to get your book out in 90 days or less (it is possible!) and this webinar will teach you HOW to do just that!

This webinar is for you if you’ve been saying to yourself,

  • I want to write a book,  but I don’t have any time!
  • I want to write a book, but I don’t know what to say!
  • A book has been on my bucket list, I just don’t think anyone would read it.
  • I want to write a book, but I want to wait until [insert excuse]
  • Writing a book has always been a dream of mine, but I am not a good writer.

Inside of this webinar, you will learn:

  • The exact strategies to implement to write and publish YOUR book in 90 days
  • The exact formula to write inside of YOUR book in less than 60 minutes A WEEK!
  • How to keep your head on straight while writing a book and running a business
  • Where to find content for your book (because I bet you already have it!)
  • You can write a book, no matter how “bad” you are at writing!

If writing a book has been your goal for a long time, it’s time that you get yourself in order for 2017 is YOUR year to break out and make your dreams happen! And it doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or confusing either! I will take you step-by-step on how YOU can write your book in 90 days or less! Think about it: if you start January 1, 2017, you can have a publish book by April 1, 2017! Now isn’t that a dream com true?

Click here to sign up TODAY for SEATS ARE LIMITED! I only want to spread my secret to 50 participates so if you’re serious about writing a book in 2017, then hop on over and get the Writer’s Roadmap!

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