Tomorrow I celebrate 8 years of marriage with my husband, Nathan! Because I am in celebration mode, I wanted to share what I have discovered in both entrepreneurship and marriage and how they are both so much alike.

You see, both take a lot of hard work, dedication, and listening. I wanted to share my findings on this joyous occasion with you all. Just in case you are wondering how the two even are related!

It takes dedication.

Marriage and running my own business takes so much dedication and work that its sometimes insane how much effort I put into it! Just like in marriage, I have to work on myself to become a better wife, partner, listener, and lover. In entrepreneurship, I have to work on myself to become a better coach, listener, and community builder. Both are hard work and takes time, but the payoff is priceless.

It takes time.

Nothing happens overnight. I am discovering that both entrepreneurship and marriage is a journey and its what in the journey that shapes and molds you. It’s painful and messy at times. But other times, it’s fun and amazing.

Whatever I start today, I’ll see the rewards of it three months from now in my business. And you know what? It’s the same with a business? Why else do we run things in quarters?!

It’s a roller coaster.

Both marriage and entrepreneurship have its highs and lows. Both have its up and downs. But like I said above, it takes the lows for me to appreciate the highs and it takes the highs to see how far I’ve come and the growth and maturity I have now than before.

No low or high lasts forever, but when we’re in the midst of a low, I know I can remember the highs and know that when I get back on that high, it can be better. Because during all of that time, I am working on improving myself and when I improve, my business and marriage improve.

Love is messy.

Having a passion and a love for the man I married and the business I run can just be plain messy. It’s not fun being in the midst of it, but that is where the lessons are learned and the real growth happens. Its the place I discover who I am most and how I can love more, despite the messiness.

Next time you feel like you’re creating a mess with your marriage or even with your business, remember, your passion and love for your business or spouse is messy and sometimes it takes time to sort out to fully understand what’s going on.

What am I trying to say? Trust the process. It’s messy and that’s 100% OK.

It’s ever expanding.

Expansion can be painful and hard, but the reward is beautiful and desirable. I know when I expand in my marriage, my marriage is fulfilled and my love is overflowing. The same with my business as it provides me the growth I need to overcome limiting beliefs and to love myself even more.

The reward is oh so wonderful.

Marriage is tough, hard, selfless, and complicated at times. But the reward of working on my marriage is beautiful. To see our progress go from two young lovebirds on March 12, 2011, to parents of a precious and cute little boy eight years later is priceless. The journey that we had to take to get here, it’s magical.

Entrepreneurship is the same way; the reward is so gratifying when I see all my hard work being paid off when my clients succeed in their business. Or when I have a breakthrough in an area that leads me to greater places. But most of all, how my clients create success and I am a part of their story now.

Even though there are many more lessons I could talk about on here, I am going to stop here and say, Happy 8 Years of Marriage to Nathan and I! May we have many more to come as we take this crazy journey together!

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