Have you ever wondered who attends blogging retreats? I mean, who wants to go to a retreat and hunker down to get their blog out into the world with a glass of wine in their hands?

Pwish, doesn’t sound the least bit fun (I’m totally being sarcastic here)!

I asked my good friend, Brenda Bowen from Peace of Mind Accounting, why she is coming to the Elite Women Blogger Retreat to showcase who comes to a blogging retreat and why.

A Little Bit of Background…

Brenda and I met in 2015 when I signed up with a group coaching program in Colorado. We were also in the same circle of friends and we not only saw one another at the monthly masterminds with our coach but also went to the same networking events together.

Over the years, we have developed a friendship that has lasted as many of the people from the group coaching program, I have lost connection with. Brenda and I share the same faith and vision for our business. 

What is really cool is that Brenda left Colorado to move to a remote little town in Alaska for two years with her husband and made her business work from there! She proved to everyone that you can have a business and move around the country and still get clients, even if you’re not physically present!

So let’s get to the interview where Brenda answers a few honest questions on why she registered for the retreat!

1) Hey Brenda, tell me why you registered for the Elite Women Blogger Retreat?  

I liked the idea of getting away for the sole purpose of learning more about blogging and having time to complete one while I am there.  Since I have a home office, I often need to go away from home and work to be able to get more creative.  Blogging to me is a creative skill that I am interested in learning about. 

2) Why do you think a blog for your business is so important? 

I don’t think it is necessary for my business to get new clients, but as my business grows and matures, it can be a way for me to give back.  To share some knowledge to lessen the stress of another business owner. 

3) What are three things you hope to get out of the retreat?  

Do and don’t of blogging. Once you write a blog what to do with it and where to post it. I like that we will have the opportunity to mastermind so that I can learn from others and help me see out of the box.

4) What are you most excited about in regards to starting a blog for your business? 

That it may give another business owner or bookkeeper some hope or the feeling that they are not alone. 

5) If I wanted to ask you a question so you can write a blog about it, what is the best way you reach you?  

Send me an email with the question, and follow up with a text alerting me to see my email (phone number is on her website). Then I can flag it to work on [the topic you’ve asked me about].

Do you want to meet Brenda now? Brenda is an awesome person for anyone to get to know and if you’re like, “I need to meet this woman”, then here’s your opportunity to do so! 

Join Brenda and other like-minded women in the majestic mountains of Estes Park, Colorado, where you’ll get a unique and customizable blogging strategy for you and your business. You’ll walk away on how to turn your brilliance and expertise into a lead machine that creates community, connection, and success!

Finally, learn the secrets and hacks on how to make the best use of your time so that you’re writing powerful content that resonates with your audience as well as fuels your bank account!

What are you waiting for? Click below to sign up for The Elite Women Blogger Retreat today!

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