Who uses the terms newsletter anymore? Probably only a few of us and what we really mean behind “newsletters” is email marketing. The term newsletter is language everyone understands but doesn’t fully understand.

A newsletter, to me, is a weekly email that gets sent out to a large majority of your email list to let them know about a new blog post, podcast or video you just published. It’s also a place to let your people know that you’re hosting a free workshop, webinar, or even selling a brand new product, service, or course that can help them achieve a goal that they have been dying to get to.

Once you begin creating consistent content on a blog, podcast, or video, then it’s time to begin building your email list and you can start by adding a weekly email that will be sent out. Why? Here are reasons why your weekly content (this means you’re publishing one of these weekly: blog, podcast, or video) isn’t enough and why email marketing is your BFF.

Stay Top of Mind

Getting an email address is the holy grail of online and offline marketing. When you get someone’s email address, you just got the royal invitation to a party that only really important people get access to (like the Queen of England). So make sure you treat it as such!

When someone gives you their email address, you are now allowed to present to them your weekly content by telling them what they will learn, how they can implement it, and how it can change their business or life.

We get so many emails that you want to stay top of mind, encouraging, inspiring, and valuable to your audience. And getting the invitation to the royal party is the best next step to begin email marketing.

Your Weekly Content Isn’t Enough

Not everyone is going to listen to every single one of your podcasts. Not everyone is going to read every blog post or even watch your vlog! Maybe it’s because your prospects don’t know you churn out content weekly or perhaps life got in the way and they simply forgot.

Whatever the case is, the bottom line is that not everyone is going to read, watch or listen to your content every week unless you remind them. How do you remind them? Through a weekly email!

What’s the difference between your weekly content (which is of high value and quality) and an email that gets sent out weekly reminding people about it? Simple and Soulful says it nicely:

“Your newsletter picks up where your blog leaves off…it creates a personal and more intimate connection with people who’ve been attracted to your work and are now curious. Because people are skeptical (rightfully so), your email letters can build trust at a natural pace, over time.”

 According to Simple and Soulful in the same article, they say it can take up to 50 points (or 50 emails) before people begin to trust you and your brand and buy from you. Email marketing is needed if you want to be successful online.

What to write about in my email?

Here are some ways I have used my weekly email to connect with my audience:

  • Let my audience know that a new blog post has been published
  • Shared my pregnancy and birth of my son
  • Invite my audience to challenges, free webinars, and free downloads
  • Where I am speaking at
  • Any courses, workbooks, or workshops that I am hosted and I invite them to attend or enroll in

Here are some other ideas:

  • Share personal bits of yourself, business, and life
  • Give behind the scenes thoughts, updates and client success stories
  • Share funny memes, gifs, or cartons  
  • Valuable insights outside of your blog
  • Personal obstacles and problems you’re dealing with right now

Now that you know why a weekly email is important to your weekly content, why not get started with Constant Contact? Constant Contact helps you with your marketing goals, coaches you on what’s working now, and even with the content behind your newsletter. The great thing? You can get a free 60-day trial when you click the image below.

Help grow your blog with Constant Contact email marketing

And yes, if you do sign up for Constant Contact, I’ll get a commission off of it. You can feel good about supporting another female entrepreneur and her family while supporting, building, and creating new opportunities for your audience as well.

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