Ahh, writing during the holidays! It’s my favorite time of year, but maybe not my favorite time of year to write. Why? Because I would rather be out doing something else than writing! Plus it’s the time of year to be buying and celebrating and partying and having oh so much fun with friends and family!

So how do you write during the holiday season with so many distractions going on (like Christmas music, Christmas lights, the urgency to buy more presents for loved ones and mailing Christmas cards!)?

You make the time.

Yep, I said it. You make the time.

I found a quote that says that you don’t find the time to write, but you make the time to write. I find this quote very inspirational as it reminds me that if we try to “find” the time to write, it’ll elude us. However, if we make the time to write – such as making writing as an appointment on our to-do list or in our planner – then we get it done.

How do you find the time to write? You make a plan of action! I would suggest finding your productivity zone. Do you work better in the mornings, in the afternoon, or at night? I get the most work done between 9am – noon. So that would be my ideal time to write. When I am making out my to-do list, I need to put time to write as Project 1 or 2, not Project 15. I’m pretty OCD, so when it comes time to perform my to-do list, I usually go in order.

Next is the hardest part: Just do it! Yes, make yourself write. I have a tendency to avoid it like it will take too long or 10 minutes is just SUCH A LONG TIME when in my head, I know it’ll fly by.

I mean, how long does it take to write a 500 word blog for us who know exactly what we’re going to say? Uh, not long. Maybe 10 minutes?

I usually find that when I begin writing, it creates a snowball effect and I will write more or I’ll feel reenergized and will be ready to tackle more writing projects or to-do list projects.

I know this was a simple blog post, but I felt that we all needed to be reminded that writing during the holidays is hard. Remembering to plan and take action takes more energy during this time of the year.

So remember my writing friends, you need to make time to write, plan the time to write in your productivity zone, and then just do it! You never know what you can accomplished! Like, I just accomplished writing this blog post for you!


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