Webinars. They are one of the best ways to get seen, become the authority in your field quickly and make money. You have heard of how Amy Porterfield and many others like her has made millions off of webinars. But where do you start? What do you say? What systems do you need? Can you do it cheaply or does it cost a lot? What can you sell at the end?

I know many of you may want to begin your webinar journey, but so many questions are surrounding the topic that you don’t do anything. That’s okay. Inside of this blog post, I am going to cover the three tips I have discovered when hosting a webinar that you can take and begin putting into action today. Plus I am going to give you my Webinar Checklist that will guide you during your webinar launch to ensure it’s a success.

Tip 1: Know what you’re going to say 

You need to know what you’re going to speak about and how it can change someone’s life in where they are at today. Since many of you have a signature speech already mapped out for you, why not use that as your topic? Just because you’re having a webinar doesn’t mean you have to create new content. You can use a speech you already have in place and that people have validated.

Ensure your message is catchy and grabs attention. This will be important when you begin marketing your webinar.

Tip 2: Have slides ready to go

All you need to do is have a PowerPoint ready as I have found that lots of slides helps keep your audience engaged and focused. When there are many to look at, it will give the impression that if the audience don’t pay attention, they may miss something important.

Amy Porterfield may have up to 150-200 slides.  Now, you don’t have to do that. What my suggestion is, especially when you’re starting out, have a slide for every point and sub-point you make. For example, I have a point called “Why should you write content?” And inside that, I have four main points. I should have a slide for my main point (“Why should you write content?”) and each of my four points that goes with it.

I may have as many as 60-100 slides. Don’t stress out over it though. Do as many as you want, but ensure that you move quickly through them as you don’t want your audience getting on their phones and getting on Facebook (I may have been guilty of this in the past).

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Tip 3: Market Your Webinar

There are a variety of ways to market your webinar and I want to mention some free ways to market your webinar because webinars are like your speech – it takes a few practices to get solid in your message and get the hang of talking online. So I know you may want to hold onto your pennies as you gain momentum and traction with your webinars. 

  • Post inside of Facebook Groups that has your target market on promotion days
  • Ask friends to share your webinar on their page
  • Share with your mailing list (and ask them to share it!)
  • Write a guest post and offer your webinar as the lead magnet
  • Invite people personally to attend your website

Tip 4: Have a Sales Landing Page Ready

This is important as your sales page copy may or may not help people make a buying decision. Yes, on the webinar, you’ll be hitting on their pain and why they need your product or service. However, the sales page can be the make or break deal. Here are some elements I have included in my own sales copy because I want to ensure people have a good understanding of what I’m selling and why they need it:

  • Attention grabber [“Are you ready to [rock your world? Improve your sales? Gain an online presence?”]
  • List of pain points [“You don’t have time to write.” or “You’ve tried to write your book and it never leaves your computer”]
  • Your product/service is the holy grail [how your product/service can fix that pain easily, quickly, or effortlessly]
  • Investment [list the investment price with any bonuses]
  • List how the program works in detail
  • List any and all objections 
  • Guarantee with your policies 
  • Recap
  • Buy now

You might be wondering what you should use for your payment method. I have used PayPal in the past and it has worked just fine for me. You can also use DPD (Digital Product Delivery) as they take PayPal, but it’s a better interface than PayPal (note: you will need a “digital product” with this, but Mariah Coz has used a welcome letter as her digital product that leads people into a email sequence describing her onboarding process). However, stick with what you know until you start to accumulate funds from your webinars.

That’s it! That’s my four tips to begin ensuring you have a successful webinar! Also, if you want to have a marketing plan in place for your webinar, then download your FREE Webinar Checklist that I have used to help me promote, launch and execute my own webinars! There’s no need to guess or stress with your webinar, so download your FREE Webinar Checklist to ensure your first success! I have outlined what you should be doing in each and every phase of your webinar marketing and promotions so you can check it off as you get closer to your webinar date!

Yes, I want to download my FREE Webinar Checklist

Next week, we’re going to be talking all about online courses! I am excited about this one because I have made one course and am working on several others right now!

So, answer this question in the comments below: When can I be watching out for YOUR first webinar?

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