Theresa Meyer was struggling. “I was really struggling with relationships in my life. It wasn’t just romantic relationships, but it was also relationships with my family and friends. My relationships at work were really affecting my life as well. I couldn’t hold a job for more than a few years before leaving frustrated and blaming someone at work.

She started to notice a pattern in her behavior that was following her around like a plague. “I could see patterns of how my relationships were going, even though I was trying really hard to change myself and to get the other person to change (because it was always their fault). I was really stuck in this blame game and I didn’t realize it.”

Then something happened in Theresa’s life; something that totally transformed her life and relationships. “I kind of stumbled into life coaching. I had never heard of it before,” Theresa laughs. “I signed up for business coaching, and they suggested that I look into life coaching. After looking into it further, I realized that life coaching could really benefit me and decided to give it a try.”

Life coaching became an amazing experience for her. She was facing infertility issues that lead her down a road of depression and anxiety. And that was also taking a toll on her relationships. “Coaching helped me deal with all of the guilt, shame, grief, anger, and sadness of my infertility better than any counseling I ever did,” Theresa said.

That is when Theresa decided to become a certified life coach. She wanted to impact other peoples’ lives through coaching since the coaching she had gone through impacted and changed her life so much.

Now Theresa helps people who are dealing with similar issues she dealt with in life. “My clients are people who deal with depression, anxiety, strained or toxic relationships, and dissatisfaction or a sense of not living life to the fullest.” She knows the struggle of finding purpose in life is real and she wants to help these people regain a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I asked her how she talks to people about her life coaching services and Theresa replied, “A lot of people that I talk to don’t think they need coaching because they have never heard of coaching and don’t understand how it can benefit them.”

To help them understand what coaching is, she offers a complementary session. She feels that everyone is different and you need to make sure that you and your potential coach can work well together before actually starting work. Theresa lets them experience a taste of what life coaching can do for their lives. During this session, the client will be able to identify what they want to create, the vision they want for their life, and begin to see the things that are stopping them from achieving their goals or vision.

Theresa offers a six month program where she’ll meet you on the phone every other week, where she’ll help you overcome obstacles that you face. Homework is given that focuses on her clients applying their discussion into their everyday life.

Theresa’s clients are those who are unfulfilled in their relationships and in life, feeling powerless to make the changes that will make them happy and feel successful. If this resonates with you, then it’s time that you call Theresa to schedule your complementary session!

“You are the creator of your unhappiness and dissatisfaction and if you can accept that, then you have the power, at that point, to create something new. But as long as you give other people the power to affect your life, then you’ll never be able to create what you want,” Theresa says with concern and passion, as she is speaking from her own experience.

Life coaching is a process. You need to process it, live it, and be it before you can move to the next step. Let Theresa Meyer help you find the passion and purpose in your life.

If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from life coaching, email her at [email protected] or call her at 970-691-2839. To learn more about Theresa and her story, read her bio here. Don’t go through life feeling unfulfilled or unhappy – decide now, to take the next step in getting the help you need. Succeed, make goals, and be fulfilled.

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