How do you build brand awareness for your business? As business owners, we want to be seen, visible, heard of, and known as the to-go industry leader in our fields.

One of the first ways we accomplish this is by building awareness content for our clients to discover us and learn who we are and what we do.

During this month, I want to cover the four different types of content in greater detail so you can have a firm grasp on how to expand, reach, lead, and build relationships with your potential readers so you can close more clients and start earning more money while impacting the world at a greater reach.

Many of you by now have already built some form of awareness content, but if you’re looking for more ways on how to expand that awareness, then I hope to cover that here.

What is Awareness Content?

Awareness content is described from last week’s post as:

“Awareness content is how a person first comes into contact with you. It’s the first blog post or video they see of yours. At this point, they have no idea who you are or that you even existed. They’re just looking for some form of information on the internet and they happened upon your content. The goal of content at this stage is to pull the new person into your orbit of influence.” 

Awareness content is creating brand awareness for your business at a broader scope so you can eventually narrow down the ones who will actually work with you.

What can be Awareness Content?

Awareness content can be a blog (my personal favorite), videos, podcasts, speaking (online or offline), and social media (perhaps Facebook Ads). 

Think of it as how you found your favorite influencer, coach, podcast host, or business owner that you open their emails most often. How did you find them?

This is how your people are going to find you.

If you are wondering which awareness content is best for your audience will depend on how your audience likes to consume content. You’ll have to conduct market research to see which format the majority of your audience enjoys consuming content.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose your awareness content into more awareness content, though! But you want to start creating weekly content that will be the number one way your clients will find you.

Why Weekly Content?

The reason why I tell my clients and just about everyone else to produce some sort of weekly content (video, blog, or podcast) is that it tells your audience that you’re serious, you’re willing to show up, and you’re going to show up for them when they work with you.

Weekly content establishes credibility, reliability, and instant expertise in your area of expertise.

Would you work with someone who produces a podcast once a month? Would you work with someone who only showed up on video inconsistently? 

Creating some sort of weekly content creates a strong relationship with your audience and showing up consistently is going to build that trust and relationship you desire with your audience before they work with you.

What do I say with Awareness Content?

When it comes to building awareness for your brand, you need to understand your audience enough to know what they are thinking and then you can create content that will engage with them so they keep coming back for more.

But here are some quick simple ways to start writing or speaking content for your audience:

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Break down your brilliance into simple, understandable ideas

Repurpose your book, speech, or videos you’ve already written/produced

Inside of your content, you can talk about how when people work with you, what results they will see. Or share a specific client story to give your reader a clear idea of what it would be like if they decided to work with you. 

What do I do afterward hitting publish on my Awareness Content?

After creating your Awareness Content, you want to share it out with on your email list, social media, and then create a repurposing strategy to keep that post, video, or episode alive and fresh on people’s minds.

Most importantly, you want to begin creating the next step in the four different types of content for your business: lead generation. Lead generation leads to relationship content and from there, paid content.

To start planning and working on your Awareness Content and start building your brand around it, you need to put it into an organized system, like a content marketing planner. 

A content marketing plan helps you start creating content for different intervals in your audience’s journey with you. So why not get a head start by downloading your own How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan Workbook by clicking on the photo below.

If you need help on creating your Content Marketing Plan as well as your Repurposing Strategy, then let’s hop on a call and chat on what your goals are with money, clients, and business, and how we can achieve them using this plan to create a seamless plan of action using content.



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